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 Inuyasha's Natural basic attacks and demonic powers

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PostSubject: Inuyasha's Natural basic attacks and demonic powers   Thu May 01, 2008 12:06 am

Name: Strength
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's yōkai blood gives him superhuman strength. No upper limit has yet been shown in the canon, but he is at least strong enough to easily lift a boulder with a diameter greater than the height of his body over his head with one hand, and then run vast lengths with it. Such a boulder would weigh perhaps eleven tons. He is strong enough to punch through solid steel with his bare hands, as seen in the manga version of the battle with the Noh Mask.[8]

Name: Speed
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's speed has been shown to easily exceed that of a normal horse; Faster than any normal land or water animal. Due to the speed he can accumulate in his runs, added with his incredible strength, he is able to cross great distances with a single jump. Altogether, this creates the illusion that he is flying every time he leaps. The Ōgikaiden says he can reach the top of tall cliffs with a single leap as well. He is frequently seen carrying Kagome on his back as a means of transportation around the Sengoku Jidai.

Name: Stamina
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's stamina likewise far exceeds human standards, possibly derived from the fact that his yokai blood is that of a dog, dogs naturally having great stamina. He is shown to be able to run vast distances at extreme speeds with minimal effort, and is often seen complaining about how his comparatively weaker human companions always slow him down by needing to rest so much every day. He is also able to endure a great deal of physical pain, as was once demonstrated in an early battle with his brother Sesshomaru, when he continued to fight even after being impaled in the stomach.

Name: Defensive ability
Element: Demonic
Effect's: While his fire-rat robe provides additional protection, a power afforded to anyone wearing it (such as whenever InuYasha gives his robe to Kagome for protection), InuYasha's physique is capable of taking a lot of damage, more than the average human, or even most yōkai. He appears unaffected by severe blunt force trauma, able to withstand a direct blow from a wooden log that broke on contact, and unfazed by the tremendous impact of being thrown hard enough to shatter solid rock. He also possesses tremendous resistance to sharp weapons, able to withstand attacks that slice through trees. While he can be injured by more powerful yōkai and holy weapons, he appears invulnerable to most human ones, able to catch normal arrows out of the air and break steel swords with his bare hands.
Even without his fire-rat robe, he has shown the ability to withstand direct contact with fire and tremendous heat, as well as corrosive substances like acid. When injured, he heals far more rapidly than a human, so much so that attacks powerful enough to severely injure him are rarely fatal, as they would be to humans, if they sustained an equivalent injury. For example, he recovered quickly from numerous serious attacks, including a large fist-sized hole punched through his gut. Similarly, it seems that his internal physiology is probably significantly different from a normal human's, considering that he has been able to get up and fight despite having been impaled in places that should have resulted in his spine being severed, heart shredded and lungs destroyed had he been built anything like a human - occasionally all at the same time. Unfortunately for InuYasha, his tongue is still susceptible to being burned by curry. He also appears weak against strong smells, as was the case with the ink from the episode "Cursed Ink of the Hell Painter".

Name: Senses
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's senses are highly developed, and in some ways, appear to be super-canine rather than superhuman. His senses of hearing and smell are quite likely his most powerful he is shown to be able to hear what people are whispering from great distances, as was the case when, while perched on a tree, he overheard Akitoki Hojo hiding in a bush and quietly praising Kagome under his breath. His ability to hear is sometimes used for comic relief, as when he overhears Shippo whispering insults about him to Kagome. Likewise, his sense of smell is shown to be extremely sensitive - he can smell hints of blood from Kilometres away and can detect the presence of people by smell long before they can be seen. This is also sometimes used for comical purposes, such as in the episode "The Cursed Ink of the Hell-Painter" where he could be temporarily knocked out by the strong smell of the black ink. His nose is also his method of detecting yoki, and thus he uses it in several of his techniques, such as locating the Kaze no Kizu (before he was able to throw it at will, of course), finding youketsu to slash and, recently, using the scent of the outside world to pierce Sesshomaru's final Meido. He has been also able to catch a whiff of Naraku's power from many miles away as soon as he lets down his barrier, with at least as much accuracy as Koga, despite the latter being a full yokai. On the other hand, his sense of smell seems to be notably inferior to Sesshomaru who, as a full-blooded daiyokai, had much greater ease detecting the Kaze no Kizu and was even able to tell the events of InuYasha's entire battle with Goshinki just by sniffing the battle field at least several hours, if not days, after the fact.
Not much is explicitly said about his other senses. One can however speculate that his eyesight is somewhat enhanced at night, due to the fact that his eyes sometimes are shown to glow, and appear to share some characteristics with cat eyes. The fact that his robes are bright red (one of the colors dogs cannot see) suggest that InuYasha's visual spectrum is at least similar to that of humans. His sense of taste may also be heightened, considering how affected he is by curry.

Name: Iron Reaver Soul Stealer
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's basic attack, which channels his yokai powers through his claws, and is powerful enough to tear apart iron, making it easy for him to rip his enemies in half. Interestingly, despite being InuYasha's most rudimentary yokai-powered attack, it is still very powerful, as demonstrated when he quickly disposed of the Mistress Centipede, who just attained possession of the Shikon Jewel from Kagome.

Name: Blades of Blood
Element: Demonic
Effect's: InuYasha's blood, when combined with the "Soul-Scattering Iron Claws", does damage when thrown. With this attack, he is able to attack his enemies from afar instead of in close combat. InuYasha splashes his own or other's blood on the end of his claws and flings them like multiple shuriken comprising of red-colored yokai energy to cleave his foes in two.

Name: Time Travel
Element: Time
Effect's: This technique basically involves InuYasha jumping down the Bone Eater's Well and traveling back and forth 500 years from the future. How this is done has not been explained and is one of the series most talked about plot-holes. In episode 4 among others, InuYasha traveled to Kagome's time without the aid of a jewel shard. Others besides Kagome and InuYasha have been unable to travel through the well. Specifically, in one episode, Shippo attempts to go through the well but fails. In another episode, Sota (Kagome's younger brother) attempts to go down the well to call InuYasha for help, he also fails.
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Inuyasha's Natural basic attacks and demonic powers
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