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 kagome techniques

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PostSubject: kagome techniques   Thu May 01, 2008 12:51 am

Name: Purification Powers
Element: light
Effect's: This ability means anything Kagome touches gets purified. By gathering an enormous amount of concentrated power into her right palm, she can direct it at her opponents.[3] She also uses this to purify the Jewel.

Name:Spiritual Powers
Element: light
Effect's: Kagome can pass through barriers, spells, and/or illusions. Kagome is also able to sense evil auras and is unaffected by them. If possible, she is able to surround herself with her own spiritual powers to ward off any evil. It is later revealed that her powers to a great extent are sealed by the Shikon no Tama, so she may have other powers than these. According to Rumiko Takahashi, Kagome is potentially much stronger than Kikyo herself.

Name: Jewel Detecting
Element: light
Effect's: This allows her to sense the exact location of the Jewel shards. While other characters have shown a vague ability to see Shikon shards, only Kagome and Kikyo are able to sense the shards remotely.

Name:Time Travel
Element: time
Effect's: Kagome can travel back and forth 500 years between the present and the Feudal era using the magical well behind her family's shrine

Name: Beads of Subjugation (Osuwari/Sit)
Element: light
Placed around InuYasha's neck by Kaede and empowered to "subdue" him at a word from Kagome. This slams InuYasha into the ground whenever she says the word "sit". The effect wears off quickly and InuYasha is able to get up again

Name: Sacred Arrow
Element: light
Effect's: Kagome infuses her powers into her arrows. This allows the arrows to penetrate demonic forces and to purify objects.

Name: Sacred Backlash Wave
Element: light
Effect's:This attack is actually a combined effort between InuYasha and Kagome. It consists of Kagome firing one of her Sacred Arrows into the center of InuYasha's Backlash Wave before it connects. When it hits the enemy there is a higher chance that he will be destroyed by the combined powers.


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PostSubject: Re: kagome techniques   Thu May 01, 2008 1:24 am

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kagome techniques
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