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this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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 The Current Story

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PostSubject: The Current Story   Fri May 02, 2008 1:15 am

((This is the current plot of the story, I got the head admin's approval to make it. Warning it is likely to be subjected to changes so keep an eye on this topic.))

It is has been 18 years since the faithful day that the heroes Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo have defeated the evil being know as Naraku in the final battle that nearly killed them all. It is now the future and now all is at peace as the Jewel of Four Souls is kept safe in Kagome's and Inuyasha's care so that it is never used for evil and they have three children, two daughters Hessa and Sakura and one son Koji. For many years they lived happily but all would be changed on the night of the red moon, a man who came from the far north*russia*went to Japan to look at what wonders it held and the man stubbed upon the very place Naraku was destroyed. The man was a prophet and so he had powers of his own but since the man was an unholy man his powers were able to revive Naraku and in the process drain the man of his life energy killing him. Naraku then started to gain power and so that he could defeat Inuyasha, as he did this he found out that it has been 18 years since he was defeated and that those that killed him now had children and thought *Hehehe, well looks like you know have another weakness Inuyasha.................time for me to destroy your children and make you fall into despair.* So now yet again Inuyasha and the others must battle and defeat Naraku again if they hope to protect their love ones.............................but who wins is up to you.
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The Current Story
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