Inuyasha: deamon world

this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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PostSubject: Ayame   Fri May 02, 2008 3:16 am

Name: Ayame

Age: 33

Race: Wolf Demon

Job: Princess/Leader of the White Wolf Tribe

Looks: Ayame is a fairly beautiful young woman. She stands at about five feet and six inches tall, placing her at an average hight. She's got long red hair that is usually worn up in two pony tails with an iris in them and her eyes are an emerald green color. As for clothing, Ayame wears a dark blue and red armor-like top. There is a white fur wrap tied around her waist as well as a similar coat around her shoulders, which straps across her kneck with an emerald necklace. Ayame has matching white fur wraps that start at her knees and cover her shins and calves until it ends at the heel of her foot, there are also a pair on her wrists as well. She also carries a sword on her hip at all times.

Form: Wolf form.

Personality: Ayame has a quality personality, though she is known to be a bit of a daydreamer, especially when it comes to Koga. She's down to earth and has a strong sense of justice and her own morals. Often times she comes of a being a bit shy, but she can be very headstrong sometimes. Ayame will do anything to protect her friends and tribe for she is very caring towards them, putting their lives before her own. Most often times, she'll be in either a content or cheery mood, yet when she thinks about Koga sometimes, Ayame becomes very solemn. She's utterly confused about how Koga could've forgotten his promise to her, but she plans to win his heart somehow, even if it takes time she's willing to earn it.

Likes: Looking at the moon and the nighttime. Nature and anything calming, especially streams. Koga. Helping and protecting her friends. Learning as much as she can and making the best out of everything she does.

Dislikes: People who are disrespectful and hurt others. Evil Spirits. Being helpless.


Ayame is the granddaughter of the elder wolf in the Northern Mountains, under whom she trained and to whom she remains loyal. She commands a pack of white wolves and uses leaves as weapons. When Ayame was young, she went on a training exercise for her grandfather to find a flower in the forest. On her way back from the mission, she tripped and was attacked by demons. Just as she was about to be eaten, Koga came to her rescue. He made a quick work of the demons and offered her his hand. Koga picked Ayame up into his arms and carried her through the forest on his back.

Ayame thanked Koga for saving her and they talked. Koga understood her responsibilities because of her connections to the elder wolf, and so he told Ayame that if she ever felt over-whelmed, he would take her as his wife. Just then, they both looked up into the sky to see a rainbow across the night sky. It was under the rainbow the promise of marriage was made, or so Ayame thought.

Ayame is strong in her own right. She throws out grass and leaves that can slice through demons, and she helps save Hakkaku and Ginta, two of Kouga's wolves, from demons. Later on, her tribe is attacked by zombies, and she and Kouga have to fight them off.


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PostSubject: Re: Ayame   Fri May 02, 2008 3:32 am

approved ^^
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