Inuyasha: deamon world

this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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PostSubject: Drac   Sat May 03, 2008 9:25 pm

Name: Drac

Age: 16

Race: Half-Demon(Dragon)

Job: N/A atm

Looks: Drac is a 7 foot tall demon. He has wings on his back and blue dragon scales down his body. He has horns on his head, and wears armor. He carries a sword. He has hors on his shoulders, and wears a green necklace. His has long black hair, and his claws, and fangs are very long. He wears a red cloak, and red and white belt. He has brown sandals that go up past his ankle. His ears are pointed and he wear earrings

Form: Wolf, Shark, Bird, Tiger, Human

Personality: Drac seems his should be a bad guy, but is very far that. He is always happy, unless he is in a fight. When in a fight he complete different, his smile turns the a frown, and he gets serious. He also loves helping people when they don't even need it. He is very social, but likes to be alone form time to time, also he is not bright, but not dumb either. He to fly around when he is thinking or just plan bored, or take people on flight with him. He loves a good fight too, but sometimes would rather settle things with words. Loves to train all day, but can be very lazy when he doesnít want to do something

Likes: War, fighting, flying, Night. Winning training with his sword.

Dislikes: Humans (for know) losing. Waiting, for people. Spit walking

History: At a young age he was separated from his mother and twin brother, A mark was placed on them, that hurt as the got closer, Left with half a jewel of the wind, father was murder in front of him when he was 6, He was half demon, as his father was demon and his mother human,. He was kicked out of his clan for having human blood, each members of the clan slashed him with their swords. He looks like a Demon, but where he was from, humans and half demons where slaves, he was a slave, He was badly beaten, starved and his brother a prince. Afterwards he left to find a village he could leave in, they where scared and hated him, the spit on him daily, and beat him up, and this made him much stronger, He went to jail for fighting back, just because they didnít like him. He broke out killing a few guards, but he didnít want to, he had to. He was searchers for his brother, who wants to kill him, for revenge to this day, the mark on his shoulder burns there closer he is to his brother, burns will stop when they find each other. so he disappeared for 3 years to work on his demon forms, and learned a full demon form, his dragon form.

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