Inuyasha: deamon world

this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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 A few of Rens Techs...

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PostSubject: A few of Rens Techs...   Sat May 03, 2008 10:30 pm



Effect's:Break allows the user to shoot balls of dark energy at the opponent qith great accuracy.

Name:Drill Break


Effect's:Drill Break allows the user to grow drills on both of their arms and allows them to dig under the ground.

Name:Lock Break


Effect's:Lock Break allows the user to build walls of steel by lifting their hands from the ground. The walls block incoming attacks for a short while and until the user gathers enough energy. When the walls break, the user will summon chains from the ground to ensnare the opponent.



Effect's: The user takes out a slip of paper and breaks the seal that binds the sides together. They will lay it on the ground and will wait until the paper begins to emit light. The user will get a good distance away while a large mouth with sharp teeth appears from the ground.
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A few of Rens Techs...
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