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 .:Miroku, The monk:.

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PostSubject: .:Miroku, The monk:.   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:21 pm

Name: Miroku
Age: 35
Race: Human
Job: Hero
Looks: Look to the bottom of the thread
Form: N/A
Personality: Miroklu is a good monk, that does all the right things, for mostly the wrong reasons. He was known to be a ass grabber in his younger days. Miroku likes to joke around alot, be funny and have a good time.
Likes: Miroku Loves Sango, he likes to have fun
Dislikes: Miroku, even though Naraku is dead, despises even the thought of him.
He is a hōshi (法師, ほうし, lit. Buddhist monk), who possesses a rather unusual curse. His right hand has a slowly expanding Kazāna (風穴, かざあな, "wind void"; "Wind Tunnel" in the English dub) that sucks in anything nearby if it's not kept covered by a cloth and strand of japa mala beads. This curse was placed on Miroku's grandfather by Naraku and passed down to him. His father died because the wind tunnel grew so large that it sucked him up. Eventually, the curse will cause Miroku to be sucked in as well, unless Naraku is defeated, and the curse is broken. He is, therefore, one of the main reasons the group is after Naraku.

Miroku meets InuYasha and his friends after walking away from a town after cheating a rich man there out of some money. While bathing in a hot spring, he sees Kagome naked, also taking a bath. He discovers she has shards of the Shikon no Tama (The Jewel of Four Souls) while staring at her breasts and takes them (the jewel shards) and her bike with the help of his tanuki friend, Hachi. InuYasha and Kagome catch up to him and InuYasha attacks him, but Miroku uses his Kazāna in return. Kagome, realizing that the monk will not harm humans, stands in its path and causes Miroku to quickly cover it with his prayer beads. Miroku explains his situation, and InuYasha reluctantly allows him to join them.

Miroku has habit of asking countless, random women to bear his child, which is formally known as womanizing. He does this because if he would happen to die while in the process of killing Naraku, he would want his son to finish the family mission. Despite his good looks and temperament, Miroku's worst vice (and best running joke) is lechery, specifically shameless flattery and occasional groping with varying subtlety. He is a big flirt that always asks seemingly single women to bear his children. It is known that he had a foster father, grandfather and father, but no trace of a mother. Miroku must have a child in order to have an heir by the time he may be killed by the curse, and thus finds it perfectly fine to offer the chance to many young women to bear his child.

In fact, it was lechery that got Miroku's bloodline into trouble in the first place. His grandfather was fooled into "caring" for a young woman, who turned out to be Naraku in disguise. It was then that he received the Kazāna (Windtunnel) curse. Despite knowing this, Miroku continues his ways. As an ironic twist of fate, one episode of the anime lands Miroku in a similar situation where he woos a young woman who turns into an insectoid yōkai. His Kazāna suffers a dangerous rip before he destroys the yōkai, forcing him to seek medical attention from his old caretaker Mushin.

Nonetheless, the monk mellows out as time goes on and proves to be a very valuable ally. He is very knowledgeable about yōkai, and is the secondary fighter of the team after InuYasha. Though quite possibly the most intelligent of the group, Miroku often uses humor or lechery to lighten serious situations, especially if anyone is worried about him. Despite his lighthearted and lecherous exterior, it is clear he has an inner darkness (Shippo has been heard to comment that he 'never bought that holy man routine') and worries over his curse and the resulting death sentence that hangs over his head.

Although he mellows out, he reveals feelings for Sango, who in turn has had feelings for Miroku for a long time, thus her jealousy over him womanizing all the time. There are many times where their trust in one another is challenged but it appears their feelings are true enough to work past a few misunderstandings and bad habits.

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PostSubject: Re: .:Miroku, The monk:.   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:24 pm

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.:Miroku, The monk:.
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