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this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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 Kagome Higurashi

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PostSubject: Kagome Higurashi   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:30 pm

Name: Kagome Higurashi
Age: 33

Race: human

Job: preistess
Looks: she has long black hair and wears preistess dress and carrys bow and sacred arrows

Form: no

Personality: kind , caring , will help people out when they need help and wwill fights in what she belives in and will protect inuyasha at all costs

Likes: inuyasha , friends , family
Dislikes: evil , people hurting inuyasha

History: InuYasha Loves himself and of corse a girl named Kagome on their search to recover the lost shards of the sacred Shikon jewel. Kagome is a 15 year old girl from the 20th century, who falls in a well, then gets attacked by a demon called mistress centiped. then she ends up shakeing centiped of and lands in feudal japan. The sacred jewel was burned with the body of the dead preistess which Kagome happens to be the re-incarnation of. Those two keys open the doors into InuYasha's timeline. Kagome falls into a dry well but instead of breaking a leg on the bottom she opens a portal and comes out of the well to see InuYasha stuck to a tree by an arrow. Being Kagome's nature to help people she immediatly went to see the young boy. she gets attacked by villagers of the city and broght back to the village, where kikyos younger sister kaede realises the resemblence. Later She saves InuYasha's life but InuYasha is a terrible half demon. A demon drawen by the Shikon jewel (mistress centiped) comes to attack Kagome but InuYashas attacks the other demon and defeats it, now he goes after Kagome, But kaede was prepared. She put a rosery on Inuyashas neck so when Kagome says "sit boy" it forces InuYasha to fall down on all fours. Looks like InuYasha is stuck with this pathetic human named Kagome. Soon after kagome and Inuyasha get in a fight. while this is going on a crow grabs the Shikon jewel and swallows it (They cant kill it because if the crow gets hurt, the shikon jewel will pull it back togater). Inuyasha goes looking alone, thus kagome starts to walk back to the city. The mutant crow grabs a little boy off a bridge then flys over the little river. Guess who pops out of the bushes? why none other then Inuyasha who ueses his claws to rip the crow appart. The little boy falls in the river and almost drowns, thank god Kagome can swim. She jumps in then saves the boy, while the villagers are standing on the edge of the lake saying shes a imp or something. Inuyasha yelling from the other side of the river "get the jewl" as Kagome turns her back to him to look at the boy, But they didnt get the jewl fast enough so it regrouped and took flight. On the little boys back one of the claws from the crow wanted to get back to its master. Smart Kagome attached it to an arrow. Inuyasha saying "yah like shell hit it". she lets lose and dose hit it. the jewl scaters into tons of peaces and flys thew the sky. It looks like they have a mission to uphold.... and just think thats not all of it!!!!!!! , after along time the get married and have three children and now there children are 16 year olds will they be able to look after the teenagers and will the evil still be out there to harm them .



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PostSubject: Re: Kagome Higurashi   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:32 pm

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Kagome Higurashi
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