Inuyasha: deamon world

this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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 Drac grandfather

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PostSubject: Drac grandfather   Sun May 04, 2008 9:54 pm

Name: Draak

Age: 450(looks 25)

Race: Demon

Job: Human/Half Demon Slayer, Demon Lord,


Form: All Dracs

Personality: Loves to fight, and kill. He is a lot like Drac in many ways, although he hates him. He is very evil, and kills any demon, that helps a human, half demon, or human.

Likes: Demons, war, killing humans/half demons

Dislikes: humans/half demons

History: The Founder of the Deimons clan, and as well as the most power alive. Altought Not much is known about him, He is very old, but he hasn't age since age 25. He has trained many years, and has become the best swordsmen in the world. He stepped down as Demions lord for a few years, until his son Draken had a child with a human, Draak wanted to kill his son, but never had the heart, so he had one of his most trusted friends do it, infront of Drac. Draak hates Drac, becasue he beviles that some how Drac made his son, have hoim with a human, but has to wait by his rule unti Drac is 21 to kill him, becasue its his blood, and Draak wants to personaly do it himself. He did make all the Demions slashs Drac with their swords, as he exited the clan. Draak, follows Drac ever where making sure he is the one to kill him.

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PostSubject: Re: Drac grandfather   Sun May 04, 2008 10:10 pm

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Drac grandfather
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