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 Miroku's spells

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PostSubject: Miroku's spells   Tue May 06, 2008 2:11 am

Name: Kazāna (Wind tunnel)
Element: Wind
Effect's: a void in his hand that can suck anything in. Exactly to where it leads the matter it absorbs can be anybody's guess. One advantage of this curse is that it gives Miroku a deadly weapon which puts him on level ground with hordes of yōkai. There are two main weaknesses of this attack; if he absorbs something with demonic poison (such as Naraku's insects known as the Saimyōshō, or cursed zombies, or anything with a tainted aura such as the water from the god Numawatari) the poison will be spread to Miroku. the other weakness is that if some sharp object such as a knife is sucked into the hole and manages to pierce a side of the hole, then this injury must be repaired otherwise the hole will begin to grow at a much faster rate and thus eventually kill him sooner than his time.

Name: Super speed
Element: None
Effect's: In short bursts, Miroku can run swiftly enough to keep pace with InuYasha; even if carrying extra weight (i.e., another person) on his back. Whether this speed is granted by spell or by innate ability or even as a result extensive physical training is unclear.

Name: Spell Scrolls (Fuda (札, Fuda?))
Element: None
Effect's: Can be used to paralyze yōkai and create barriers. Most are thrown and then bind to the yōkai, often for disarming purposes. Miroku usually employs these as an alternative for the Wind Tunnel, especially when it happens to be unavailable at the moment.

Name: Invisibility
Element: None
Effect's: Miroku can mask objects (both living and inanimate) from the eyes of evildoers, by going into a state of intense meditation.

Name: Barrier
Element: none
Effect's: (Kekkai (結界, Kekkai?)): With the assistance of his staff, Miroku can create and temporarily sustain small protective force fields of reasonable strength.

Name: Fury of Taishaku
Element: Lightning
Effect's: Miroku uses a weapon to summon down some lightning bolts down at his foes.
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PostSubject: Re: Miroku's spells   Tue May 06, 2008 2:28 am

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Miroku's spells
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