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this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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PostSubject: Takai   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:43 pm

Name: Takai *death in Japanese*

Type: Magical wristband *can be called an armlet too*

Element: Non-elemental

Effect: Takai is a weapon that is specially made for Kuja so it will only work for him and so trying to use it will make it feel like you are touching white hot metal with electricity in it until you drop it, it will also reappear on Kuja's arm if he wills it to do so when it is separated from him. It also can make seven cannonball sized orbs of non-elemental magic, the orbs orbit around Kuja as he can control how fast they orbit around him and if they orbit around him horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The orbs causes damage that is equal to being hit with a cannon balll, they can also be fired at targets but just like a cannon ball they can only go in a straight line. The orbs can be used to block weapons

Effect absorption: This is a very special power that Takai posses, if Kuja gains any other weapons Takai will drain the effects from the weapon and make it useless so in such Kuja cannot use any other weapon but Takai as the others will be drained of all effects and powers. But Takai can only handle the effects of two other weapon so if Kuja has three or more other weapons then he has to pick the effects of two and the other effects can't be used in the topic. *I can't and won't make any weapons but if I win a weapon Takai will gain power from it. When that happens I will put down what effect the other weapon gives Takai in the new weapon's post.*

Range: Long

Appearance: Takai are a pair of armlets that were made just to fit Kuja's arms as they are made up of a special metal that is only found on the now destroyed world of Terra, it has many different inscriptions some just for looks as others are for magical use. The metal is special for it can absorb the powers of other weapons and use it for it's own use as well as make magical orbs for protection and fighting.

History: Kuja gained the weapon called Takai when he was created by Garland to kill people in Gaia, the armlet is made up of a special metal that only Terra had and the people of Terra learned of its powers to absorb powers from other metals and weapons as well as it's ability to make magical orb/s which number is based on how much of the metal is around. So when the people of Terra were still awake they had forged many different weapons out of the strange metals as it was also quite strong and among those weapons was the armlets called Takai, they was the perfect weapon for those that like to keep their weapon hidden as they are worn on the upper part of both arms as each armlet has enough power to produce three and a half orbs so together they make seven orbs for attacking and protecting. When they put themselves to sleep they gave Takai to Garland to use as he pleases as the other weapons were hidden away, Garland gave the weapon to Kuja to fight with since he knew Kuja was not the type to hold a weapon in his hands.

With this weapon Kuja caused much pain and suffering in Gaia before he died and now that he is once again among the living he will use Takai once again to destroy those that would dare to attack him and to kill Zidane once and for all, but now it must be used to help him return home it seems since he is forced into another world.

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