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this inuyasha fourm, where deamon rule mostly everwhere, so come and join in
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 Kuja's abilities.

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PostSubject: Kuja's abilities.   Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:03 pm

Damage Negation-
Element: N/A
Effect: Kuja concentrates on his body as it then glows a bright crimson red as it is then covered with a special kind of energy that
protects him from harm for one post

Firaja,Blizzaja, Thundaja, Wateja-
Element: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water
Effect: Kuja is able to use spells of the four basic elements to destroy his enemies as well as to affect the surroundings. What spell he is about to use can be told by what color his hands start to glow. *does heavy damage* The fire spell makes a giant fireball that could take out half a village, the ice spell causes a large area to become frozen in thick sheets of ice, the lightning spell causes large bolts of lighting to fly out of his hand shocking targets till they are just black husk, and the water spell causes a blast of water to shoot up out of the ground at high speed which can cut up rocks.

Element: Light
Effect: Kuja is able to use one the most powerful white magic spells to harm his foes with blinding light as a single beam of holy light shots out of all seven orbs that are created by Takai, the beams will then go after one or up to seven targets before harming said targets and even more so if the target is weak against holy magic.*does very heavy damage*

Flare Star-
Element: N/A
Effect: Flare star is a special attack that Kuja has that only he can do it is an upgraded form of the spell Flare as it can hit many targets at once instead of just one. When he uses this the magical orbs that Takai created will glow crimson red before Kuja fires them at targets and after the orbs get close to the target, hits the target, and/or hits the ground they will explode harming anyone within five feet of where the orb went off.*each explosion does heavy damage*

Element: Light
Effect: Curaja is the highest level of the cure spell and as such it can heal most woulds right up so a person can be back up to just a little below of their max strength. When used it looks like a rainbow of colors cover a person's body healing the wounds.

Ultima EX-
Element: N/A
Effect: Ultima EX is mostly just like the normal Ultima spell but it is 100% stronger as the beams of energy that fly out of Kuja are 100% bigger and the explosion is bigger as well. When used Kuja charges up his body with energy before he releases it and ten large beams of energy crash into the surrounding area making explosions ten feet large, can only be used once per topic. *Massive damage* *What it looks like and that just him shooting the ten beams one at a time*

Element: Soul
Effect: When trance is activated Kuja's body will glow with a bright light before his hair and fur turns crimson red as his clothes is replaced with fur. He normally floats around after doing this so walking is a bit strange to see when he is like this, also for some reason energy seems to swirl around him so he sticks out but when he is like this stealth is thrown out the window. When in this form his abilities and physical abilities become 3 times as powerful than normal.
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Kuja's abilities.
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