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 Inuyasha Higurashi

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Name: Inuyasha Higurashi

Age: 33

Race: Half-Demon, Dog demon and human

Job: Hero

Looks: Clothing

According to interviews with the author, the style for InuYasha's clothing was based on "priest's garb" of Japan's "Warring States" period. It is roughly similar in general appearance to the clothing worn by Kagome's grandfather, Kikyo, and Kaede; all Shinto clerics. The red garments are made of the legendary "Fire Rat (Hinezumi) hair" which is said to be fireproof and "stronger than poor armor". From canon, we read 「火鼠の毛で織った衣だ、下手な鎧より強いぜ」 "Hinezumi no ke de otta koromo da, heta na yoroi yori tsuyoi ze"; the literal translation is: "It is clothing woven from the fire rat's hair, stronger than poor armor." These claims are substantiated in numerous incidents throughout canon. The historical reference can be found in the ancient Japanese folk tale "Taketori Monogatari", or "The Bamboo Cutter's Tale." The "Robe of the Fire Rat" allows InuYasha to resist fire and to some extent, blades. It also works on others to whom he lends it if they need it more than he does. The robe loses its armor-like qualities during the new moon, just as InuYasha loses his yōkai powers.

Originally, InuYasha's fire-rat kimono was not red; in the first color picture of him drawn by Rumiko Takahashi, it was pink. The bright red color is now the accepted standard. InuYasha's garments are a hakama (pants) bloused at the ankles, a jacket with "separated" sleeves, kosode (shirt), and obi (belt).

Pants: clearly Hakama, quite likely the Sashinuki style.
This is a style of the Heian Period (795-1192 CE). The show and manga take place in the Sengoku Period (1467-1615 CE). Of course, InuYasha does not span the entirety of the Sengoku Period, however, since InuYasha's outfit comes from his father, who was an ancient demon, it makes sense that it has been matched up with the "Hitoe" (below). His Hakama and Hitoe are both made of the Cloth of the Fire Rat.

Jacket: Hitoe
Often mistaken for a common Kimono it is clearly not long enough. Some believe that InuYasha's jacket is Hitatare but since the jacket is shorter than this, and his jacket is tucked into the pants, it appears to be a Hitoe with the sleeves modified to the kariginu style, commonly called "bell sleeves". The Hitoe is an unlined robe, traditionally it is either a kurenai (orange-red) or rarely a pale green color. The sides are not sewn shut, and the sleeves are only partially sewn to the body. The collar is long and open. It is two panels wide, and so is very large; a double fold, like darts, made in the back at the time of donning, enable one to wear the garment. It is worn tucked into the pants (whether ōguchi or sashinuki). The red-orange color and the mention of the partially attached sleeves reinforce this theory. The partially attached sleeves allows the white shirt (Kosode) worn underneath to be seen clearly. (Jackets worn by the characters Jaken, Kikyō, Kaede, and "Grandpa" all have the same feature.) The sleeves are extremely full at the wrist, as wide as the shoulders of the garment, and have a ribbon or cord sewn through the hem of the wrist. This can serve at least two purposes: it allows the sleeve to be gathered at the wrist (like the Hakama at the ankle) and it is often used to gather the material for easy folding for storage. Neither of these features is seen in canon. The jacket falls to at least InuYasha's shins (as apparent when he uses it as a blanket in the episode "The Wild Thief:Onigumo's Secret"), however his undershirt(Kosode) shows through the side Hakama slits instead of the jacket. It is likely that, when on the body, the front of the jacket is tucked back to allow more freedom of movement. Interestingly, InuYasha wears a black cord across the chest from the right shoulder to the left hip, tied in a simple bow. It is not a sword cord, but appears to be holding the excess fold of the jacket in place. In the Anime/Manga, this particular Jacket is also known as 'The Robe of the Fire Rat' also known as a type of cloth stronger than any armor. InuYasha mainly uses this to either protect himself from hot surfaces, or to protect his traveling partner and love interest Kagome from any danger.

Shirt: Kosode
Kosode were commonly worn as underwear during the Kamakura era, at which time they became legitimate garments in their own right and became more dressy and full, with less sculpted sleeves. The undergarment kosode of Heian and Kamakura Periods was invariably white. An important point that must be made is that kosode (lit: “little sleeve”) weren’t just so called because the sleeve was small; they were given the name because the sleeve opening was small (especially when compared to other garments of the period, which were often termed ōsode, or “large sleeves”). The slits in the side of the Hakama show the white Kosode (shirt), and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of the jacket show it as well. This is a deliberate fashion effect.

Belt: Obi
The belt appears to be a standard Obi, through which the Saya (sword sheath) is thrust. The Obi as worn by a swordsman is positioned just over the hips so the sword is "low" in the sash in order to make drawing the sword much easier. The Obi knot is normally a very tight square affair. However, we can see that InuYasha wears his Obi and his Hakama much higher up around his waist, nearly to his ribs. InuYasha's knot is more of a slightly floppy bow knot.

Beads of Subjugation

The Beads of Subjugation (言霊の念誦, Kotodama no Nenju?) are the beads around InuYasha's neck. They are activated when Kagome says "Sit!" (おすわり, Osuwari?).[4] Kagome is the only person who can activate the Beads of Subjugation, as Kaede intended them for Kagome's use when she first put them around InuYasha's neck. The force of the spell is so great that upon activation InuYasha plunges face first into the ground. Although originally made by Kikyo for this purpose (with the phrase "beloved" instead of "sit"), she decided against giving it to InuYasha and never used it.

The Kotodama no Nenju is introduced in the very first manga as a spiritual device to control InuYasha. It was originally intended to keep InuYasha from killing or hurting Kagome. It is not used often anymore due to change in InuYasha's personality and is only used as comic relief, to save his life,[5] or to reverse his demonic transformation.[6]

It consists of a number of round beads and a few magatama which are often mistaken as claws.[7] The magatama is an ancient comma-shaped bead imbued with great spiritual and mystical powers.

Form: Demon form- Human form- Purified Form-

Personality: He is very proud and brave, he doesn't give up no matter what and is very protective. He uses violence most of the time to solve his problems. He has calmed down over the years but is still the same Inuyasha 18 years ago.

Likes: He loves Kagome, his children, ramen, fighting, being with Kagome, teasing Koga, and protecting his family.

Dislikes: He hates Naraku, his brother sesshomaru, anyone that dares to harm Kagome, his children, his friends, or the innocent. He also doesn't like loud noises or bad smells.

History: InuYasha is a brave but naive Hanyō (half demon), the result of a relationship between a powerful inu yōkai (dog demon) general and a beautiful human woman. Orphaned at a young age, InuYasha is rejected by humans because of his yōkai side and looked down upon by yōkai because his human blood supposedly taints his superior yōkai blood. Thus, before InuYasha met, and consequently fell in love with, the powerful miko, Kikyo, he found it very difficult to trust anyone else, and even more to find anyone who accepted him as a hanyō.

Since the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon No Tama or Sacred Jewel) was powerful enough for InuYasha to become a full yōkai and Kikyo was the protector of the jewel, InuYasha was motivated to follow Kikyo. However, the two fell in love, and eventually, Kikyo talked InuYasha into becoming human, instead. A human, named Onigumo, plotted to take the jewel for himself. He was once a bandit who was obsessed with Kikyo and became jealous that she had fallen in love with InuYasha. Unable to take any other action, Onigumo gave his body to a horde of demons for power. Their union is Naraku. Naraku disguised himself first as InuYasha and then as Kikyo to deceive them into betraying each other. InuYasha broke into Kikyo's village and stole the sacred jewel. To defend the village and to keep him from escaping with the jewel, Kikyo shot InuYasha with a sacred arrow pinning him to Goshinboku. Moments later, Kikyo collapses from a wound she received from Naraku and gives final instructions to Kaede, her sister, to burn the jewel with her body so it would travel to the afterworld with her.

Fifty years later, InuYasha was released from the Goshinboku by Kagome Higurashi. Kagome is Kikyo reincarnated in modern Tokyo, 500 years after the time of the story. She unknowingly carried the Jewel of the Four Souls within the left side of her torso. A centipede called Mistress Centipede from the Bone Eater's Well attacked Kagome for the jewel so she could obtain more power, dragging her into the well which transported her back to the time of the story. After InuYasha kills Mistress Centipede, he tries to steal the Jewel but ends up with the Beads of Subjugation around his neck. When Kagome says "sit" (お座り, "sit"?) the necklace plunges to the ground taking InuYasha with it.

InuYasha becomes more civil as time progresses, losing some of his more childish qualities and becoming much more mature. He always tries to take the most direct route possible in solving any problem, which usually involves violence. He maintains a crass, rude attitude towards everyone except Kagome and Kikyo, and to a lesser degree the rest of his companions except Shippo.

InuYasha speaks with pretty harsh Japanese. He never uses honorifics and when talking to people he does not like, he uses "temee" and "kisama", both of which are often translated as "you bastard". He does, however, stick with the standard "omae". He uses the tough masculine pronoun "ore", which suits his personality and strength.[3] He also does not show respect to his elders, often calling them "-baba" or "-jiji", which translates as "old hag" or "old geezer", respectively.

InuYasha is offended when someone calls him a mangy mutt, puppy, half breed, or otherwise suggests that he is inferior to yōkai, due to his human parentage. Although InuYasha should be weaker than full demons since he is a hanyō, he tends to remain the victor in fights largely due to the fact he wields Tetsusaiga, and his heritage being from that of a dai-yokai (grand demon) thus allowing him to take a humanoid form like Sesshomaru, Naraku and Koga giving him a great deal of power.

Being a hanyō, InuYasha loses his demonic powers periodically and is turned into a normal human boy with black hair. For him, this "time of weakness" occurs during the first night of a new moon. His team members try their best to protect him at that time, and keep this vulnerability secret from others. Despite their efforts, however, some of InuYasha's adversaries, including Kagura, learn of this weakness. However, Kagura does not use it against him. 18 years later Inuyasha and Kagome have become married and have three children and are happy and peaceful for the moment.

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Inuyasha Higurashi
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